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Selvas Mwanza

  @ hussein's space


Related Degrees

Selvas Mwanza, PhD in progress, Algorithmically detecting and tracking socio-political problems in South Africa using social media data

Related Projects

Related Publications

Selvas Mwanza and Hussein Suleman (2017) Measuring Network Structure Metrics as a Proxy for Socio-political Activity in Social Media, to appear in Proceedings of Data Mining in Practice (DmiP), New Orleans, USA, 18-21 November 2017.

Selvas Mwanza and Hussein Suleman (2016) Measuring citizen participation in South African public debates using Twitter: An exploratory study, in Proceedings of Symposium on Information Management and Big Data (SimBig 2016), Cusco, Peru, September 2016. Available http://pubs.cs.uct.ac.za/archive/00001163/

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