Ngoni Munyaradzi

  @ hussein's space

Related Degrees and Fellowships

Ngoni Munyaradzi (2013), MSc, Transcription of the Bleek and Lloyd Collection using the Bossa Volunteer Thinking Framework

Ngoni Munyaradzi (2010), Honours, Copying Archives

Related Publications

Ngoni Munyaradzi and Hussein Suleman (2014) A system for high quality crowdsourced indigenous language transcription. International Journal of Digital Libraries, Vol 14, No 3, pp. 117-125, Springer. Available

Ngoni Munyaradzi & Suleman, H. (2013). Quality Assessment in Crowdsourced Indigenous Language Transcription. In Proceedings Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) 2013, Malta. Available

Mushashu Mwansa Lumpa, Ngoni Munyaradzi and H. Suleman (2011), Interconnecting DSpace and LOCKSS, poster in Proceedings of Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, (TPDL) 2011, Berlin, 26-28 September 2011, pp.493-496, Springer. Available

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