Jorgina Paihama

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Related Degrees and Fellowships

Jorgina Paihama (incomplete), PhD, Using ICTs to steer low-skilled unemployed workers towards appropriate training opportunities

Jorgina Paihama (2012), MSc, Meta-standardisation of Interoperability Protocols

Jorgina Paihama (2008), Honours, Language Preservation Portal

Related Publications

Jorgina Paihama and Hussein Suleman (2016) What happens when the untrained search for training information, in Proceedings of Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries 2016, Hannover, Germany, Springer LNCS, September 2016. Available

Jorgina Paihama, Kyle Williams and Hussein Suleman (2012) Assessing the Design of Web Interoperability Protocols. In Proceedings Annual Conference of South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT 2012), Pretoria, South Africa. Available

Jorgina Paihama and H. Suleman (2009), A Survey of the Effectiveness of Current Interoperability Protocols, Technical Report CS09-03-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town. Available

Lebeko Poulo, Jorgina Paihama, and Morwan Mohammed Noor H. Suleman (2009), Preserving Endangered Languages using a Layered Web-based Archive, in Proceedings of 11th Annual Conference on WWW Applications (ZA-WWW 2009), 2-4 September 2009, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Available

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